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Resource Protection International

Fire and Explosion Hazard Management Specialists


Resource Protection International is an independent consultancyspecialising in Fire and Explosion Hazard Management of oil and petrochemical facilities and other high risk industries.


Fire and Explosion Hazard Management (FEHM) is a vital part of a Risk Management Policy. Every facility has  specific needs, which must be reviewed, updated and maintained as business conditions change.


The optimum cost-effective FEHM policy will involve a unique combination of measures including security, fire prevention, incident detection, process control, fire protection systems and incident response. In order to develop the optimum strategy for any particular facility a comprehensive knowledge of each aspect of FEHM is required. Resource Protection International, established in 1989 by specialists with unique international experience, has the team of talent necessary to propose and implement practical, pragmatic solutions to all FEHM problems.


RPI are industry coordinators for the LASTFIRE Project - a joint oil industry initiative to review the risks associated with oil and petroleum product storage tanks. Click on the LASTFIRE link above for more details.


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